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Unlock the mysteries of your life with tarot readings

Explore questions about the self & be open to light the pathway between spiritual dimensions. Tarot readings help develop perspective, clarity, a deeper understanding of what you want in your life and empower you to take control of your destiny & make positive changes

Experience the mystical form of divination and tap into the divine energies surrounding us to unfold your path, gain insight into the past, present or future and receive guidance on your journey of self-discovery 

We hold a magical world in our hands when we pick a deck of tarot cards

A spread designed to provide messages for your special day and your present & future energies of the forthcoming year

*Specific questions are welcome 

*No medical or legal

30min $70

A great first reading if you are new. This spread provides more detail including a touch of the past, future & focus for the journey. Can include all sort of topics and a general mix of everything 

*Specific questions are welcome

*No medical or legal

45min $100

A spread designed for more in depth messages on current energy, love life, career/finances and future forecast

*Specific questions welcome 

*No medical or legal

60min $120

A spread for a deep dive in one of your past lives

Learn how it influences your current life and how it’s connected with your soul purpose 

*No medical or legal

90min $150

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