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Autumn Skincare Essentials

Autumn Skincare Essentials

As the leaves change and the air becomes crisper, it’s time to adjust our skincare routines to accomodate the shifting seasons.

Autumn brings cooler temperatures, lower humidity levels, and other environmental factors that can impact our skin. For those with dry skin, autumn can exacerbate feelings of tightness and flakiness. For those with oily or combination skin, autumn doesn’t necessarily mean you can skip moisturising and for those with normal skin, well you are lucky but still need to maintain your skin’s balance.

To ensure your skin stay healthy and radiant during the autumn transition we have curated the best tips and practices tailored to different skin types. Let’s all opt-in to glowing skin!

Best practices for healthy, Glowing skin during Autumn

1. Cleansing

Dry Skin: Opt for a gentle, hydrating cleanser enriched with clean and natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and botanical oils such as avocado oil. These ingredients help to retain moisture and nourish the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.

Oily/Combination Skin: Opt for a gel-based cleanser formulated with natural ingredients like salicylic acid derived from willow bark extract or tea tree oil known for its antibacterial properties. These ingredients effectively remove excess oil and impurities while maintaining the skin’s natural balance.

Normal Skin: Look for a mild, pH-balanced cleanser contains clean and natural ingredients such as coconut derived surfactant or plant based extracts like chamomile or green tea. These gentle yet effective ingredients cleanse the skin thoroughly without causing irritation or stripping away essential moisture.

2. Exfoliation

Dry Skin: Incorporate a gentle exfoliant 1-2 times a week, with moisturising ingredients like lactic acid or fruit enzymes to slough off dead skin cells and promote cell turnover without over-drying.

Oily/Combination Skin: Consider using a chemical exfoliant containing ingredients like glycolic acid or beta hydroxy acid (BHA) twice a week to unclog pores and control excess oil.

Normal Skin: Use a mild exfoliant 1-2 times a week to maintain skin clarity and smooth texture.

3. Moisturising

Dry Skin: Invest in a rich, nourishing moisturiser with ingredients such as shea butter, ceramides, aloe vera, chamomile or oils like avocado to deeply hydrate and replenish dry skin.

Oily/Combination Skin: Opt for a lightweight formula that provides hydration without clogging pores. Look for hyaluronic acid, pineapple, apricot kernel oil or zinc based moisturises. 

Normal Skin: Choose a moisturiser that strikes a balance between hydration and lightweight texture. Ingredients like peptides and probiotics can help maintain skin barrier function.

4. Sun Protection

Regardless of skin type, don’t forget to apply sunscreen daily, even during the autumn months. UV rays can still penetrate through clouds and cause skin damage. Choose a zinc based broad-spectrum SPF30 or SPF50 that doesn’t feel greasy and won’t clog pores and reapply every 2 hours if exposed to sunlight. We love Found my Skin Mineral tinted SPF50 all year round!

5. Environmental Factors 

– During autumn, cooler temperatures and lower humidity levels can lead to dry, dehydrated skin. Consider using a humidifier indoors to add moisture to the air, drink plenty of water and add a beauty mask once a week to your skincare regimen. We love Vanilla & Honey for normal to dry skin types and Plum Power for oily/combination skin types by Skin Juice.

– Windy weather can lead to dryness and irritation. Protect your skin by applying balms to exposed areas and leave on treatments. We love the multi-award winning Green Juice balm by Skin Juice and the skin boosters packed with potent vitamins by Hydromerse.

6. Facial Treatment Plan

As the seasons change, so do the needs of your skin and a professional advice can help address these specific concerns effectively. Consulting with your beauty therapist about creating a facial treatment plan for the autumn season ensures a personalised approach to skincare, expert advice, targeted treatments, access to professional products and long term results. Ny investing in your skin you maintain a healthy, glowing complexion all year round.


By tailoring your skincare routine to your specific skin type and considering environmental factors, you can maintain a healthy, glowing complexion throughout the autumn season. Remember to listen to your skin’s needs and adjust your routine as necessary to achieve optimal results. Here’s to a season of nourished skin!